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TROY ALLAN: Links 2 other Artist

Here's where to keep up with my every move

Here I am! wanna chat with me? if i'm "ON".... i'm here!

My main myspace page

here is where you can listen to some of my tunes, request to be friends and get your pic on my page, be allerted to upcoming shows and get cool new info. Hit me with a friends request and send me an email while you're there. There's pics there that wont be on this site.

Jerry Diaz and Hanna's Reef

Check our bands schedule. You won't have to go far to party with us!

Mark Mireles

Here is my buddy and fellow bandmember's site. You gotta hear his music! It'll set you "FREE"

Margarita M.A.F.I.A.

Sign up today to be a "M.A.F.I.A. member" and you can get into some of the coolest places and pictures... with great music to boot.

John Reno

Here's a great friends site who turned me on to and got my website started. We've also been know to do a house concert here and there together. billed as "Trop This" The Bicycle Twins shall ride in Key West Again!

Matt Whal
Thanks Matt for Sharing your beach side stage with me and Dennis Davis. What an AWESOME time!
Place where you can get your very own Troy Allan cd's
Spooner radio show
Hear my Buddy Spooner spinning all your Favorite Trop Rock artists! Listen online! be Sure to mark this one in your Favorites'll be back!
margarita mafia
Troys Photographer - Captured Photography
You won't find a more fun-loving easy to work with photographer in the business! She's Fast, Creative, Has all the Top-Dollar Tools of the trade! She does all types of photography from Baby Pictures to Weddings, to Promo Pack. I totally recommend Sabrina to entrust your image to. I did! Nuff Said! 409-384-2952 Tell her "Troy Sent Ya"
Rob Mehl

Check out the sweet sounds of my buddy Rob. You won't find  more soothing music!

Hear Troy and others on Island Dreamz Radio