Troy Allan is a singer/songwriter and musician from Vidor, Texas. He plays rhythm and some lead and does solo shows singing everything from originals to country to parrothead and classic rock. Troy was influenced as a kid by Willie and Waylon, and George Strait all the way to Van Halen...with a side of James Taylor..."Ya gotta have James!" he says. Troy has released his first CD entitled ONE MAN ONE GUITAR, as well as his first full studio "Just South of Corpus" cd. That CD was the 2008 Texas Music Awards Top 5 Finalist for Male Vocalist, and Song of the Year for the title track. Troy has also released and sold out of an acoustic version of the next cd. The Studio version entitled "Party at the Bottom of the Pool" which he is currently recording in his home studio. Troy has been the Bass player for a Trop Rock band called Hannas Reef for 3 years. Troy learned this summer that he had a very rare stomach cancer called Linitis Plastica. Later he learned that it is the fastest growing cancer known to man, making also the most deadly. Troy stumbled across this disease early and will make a full recovery. Due to the silent growth and virtually no symptoms from this cancer, Troy has taken it upon himself to alert the masses. He Chronicled his journey through Chemo, radiation and even his recovery after surgery. Those are available to see at the left of this page under the "I Can" tab.  Work continues on those videos to complete the journey and information as Troy presses forward. He has learned since his Stomach removal surgery in January 2010 that he is now the longest living person with Linitis Plastica. After learning this, Troy launched the "TROY ALLAN CANCER FREE 100 HOUSE CONCERT TOUR" and is currently booking shows for the rest of 2010. This tour is designed to spread the word about the cancer and how everyone can get checked for it, as well as spreading his music across the Nation. Please visit the "Contact Info" tab for booking information.

Troy's also a full Production Company. "Troy Allan Productions" can supply and set up all the instruments, lighting and equipment used onstage. They then become the stage crew for the entire show, running lights, monitors and sound.  We travel!